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I N S P I R E D   G I F T I N G

b.stow is a creative gifting studio dedicated to celebrating the meaningful relationships in our lives. With a b.stow gift box, you'll find beauty in simplicity, inspiration in the unconventional and complete joy in making someone smile.


Our collection of pint-sized holiday gifts that pack a big punch.

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L O C A L   L O V E

Our collection of gifts featuring iconic San Francisco themes and the beautifully crafted products of some very talented Bay Area and Northern CA artisans. 

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C O R P O R A T E   G I F T S

If tacky swag and overly branded common goods aren't your style, then we're the company for you. From client appreciation to employee on-boarding, we work with all levels of business and industry professionals to create gifts that perfectly represent you and your brand. 

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H O L I D A Y   G I F T   G U I D E

F O L L O W   A L O N G   @ B S T O W B O X E S