b.stow is a modern, innovative and responsible approach to gifting, offering uniquely curated gifts and goods to elevate the everyday rituals of the modern individual. 

Conceived in 2016 upon the notion that not all gifts should be created equal, b.stow offers a refined collection of few-of-a-kind and custom gift boxes featuring exquisitely crafted wares from local artisans, as well as emerging artists and established designers from around the globe. Every box invites you on a journey of intrigue and we’re passionate about creating an unexpected experience, relishing every opportunity to introduce original products, in both form and functionality.

With a modern minimalist design and an affectionally elegant edge, our mission is to create memorable gifts that are non-discriminate towards gender or generation, promote an everyday eco-conscious lifestyle, support artists from around the world and, most of all, strengthen the valued relationships in our lives.

“Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed the act of giving a gift, especially when it was for no specific reason at all. I have never been that great at expressing my emotions or telling someone how much I value them - just the idea of a blank card gives me an overwhelming sense of anxiety - so to be able to give someone something simply because it reminded me of them or I knew they would love it or I had remembered they had mentioned needing something similar awhile ago, no matter how big or small, and when they least expected it, to see their face light up when opening and know that you were thinking of them, organically, not contrived, is the greatest feeling and showed them how much I cared in a way that I otherwise was unable to communicate.” - Allia Kelley / Founder-Owner


b.stow is a boutique gifting studio based in San Francisco, California.